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Well – if your answer is a PR agency. Then you’re probably wrong!

That’s the result of a new British report Econsultancy – Online PR Industry Benchmarking Report. The report contains answers from 300 UK marketers and PR professionals, working for both in-house company teams and for agencies.

The results show that when companies outsource Online PR to agencies or specialists, 49 % of them use some other type of agency than a PR agency, like search agencies, web development agencies, full-service digital agencies or advertising agencies.

These results seems to indicate that companies dosen’t trust PR agencies to handle their Online PR strategy. In regards to that the report also have a another interessting finding. Only 48% of the companies are satisfied with their agency’s level of Online PR knowledge.

When you compare those two findings it could be an obvious conclusion that the companies perhaps have made a mistake not to trust PR agencies with their Online PR strategy.

PR strategies – both online and traditional – demands experience and knowledge of public relations. And here a PR professional have a big advantage, but that also demands that the PR professional educates himself continuously on social media and other online media. When you combine experience from the offline and online world with great knowledge of how public relations works – then it’s a powerfull combination, which can give the client many advantages.

But the report also indicates that we as PR professionals have a big challenge ahead. We need to educate ourselves and we need to draw attention to the fact that we have the knowledge needed to handle Online PR strategies.

I’m ready – are you?