You always read and hear a lot about why you should use a blog or a corporate blog. And I still think that a blog is a very good idea – most of the time.

But sometimes a blog is NOT the answer.

Here are five good reasons why you should not make a blog:

1. Time
It takes time to make a good blog. You need to make time for research, writing, follow up, reading comments etc. If you don’t have the time DON’T make a blog.

2. Nothing to tell
If you make a blog, you need to have some thing to say. Otherwise no one will read your blog post. If the only thing you can think of is the same as the press releases you send out – DON’T make a blog.

3. Everybody have one
If you think a blog is just a craze and you just want one because everybody else have one, then you don’t have a clue what blogging is about. A blog is personal. You write about things you care about and know about. You need to be real and enthusiastic about the content you make otherwise – DON’T make a blog.

4. Need instant result
If you need instant result in e.g. a crisis situation you can’t just make a blog and think it’s going to fix your problems. A good blog takes time to evolve and to get readers etc. So if you are looking for a “quick fix” – DON’T make a blog

5. Afraid to share knowledge
A blog is all about sharing. A good blog is a place where the reader can get new information on topics which are interesting for him or her. When you share information and knowledge then your blog will be visited more and you will properly get valuable information back. So if you don’t have anything to share or are afraid to share your knowledge – DON’T make a blog.

So when you are about make a blog for the first time – please think about why you are making it. Perhaps a blog is NOT the right thing…


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