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Kronberg/Frankfurt, Germany & Wayazata, MN, USA, June 2010 – 27&More, a leading international network of independent public relations agencies based in Europe and covering 44 countries, has formed a strategic alliance with Pinnacle Worldwide, a global network based in the US with more than 50 offices.

Established in September 2007 in Frankfurt, 27&More began as a partnership of prominent European PR agencies which all had one main focus — to provide strategic communication services with flexibility, effectiveness and an integrated approach to worldwide clients.

Individual members of both Pinnacle Worldwide and 27&More have long-standing business relationships. Ruud Bijl, President of Bijl partners in public relations in the Netherlands, and President and Co-founder of 27&More: “The strength of our new alliance lies in the fact that we have hand-picked the best consultancies in each country rather than relying on ‘outposts’ of a big brand to deliver. That means quality consulting delivered by experts wherever the need, and for brands seeking sound strategic support and quality delivery regardless of location. That’s a very strong offer indeed.”

“With our combined strength providing access to highly-respected offices around the world, this partnership expands the reach for our clients and members alike,” said Donna Vandiver, President and CEO of The Vandiver Group, Inc., in St. Louis, Mo., and President of Pinnacle Worldwide.

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Founded just three years ago, 27&More is already one of the leading networks of independent pr consultancies in Europe. Launching with 21 agencies in Europe and Asia covering 29 countries in total, today, the network has forged close relationships with partner agencies in Miami as well as 17 additional countries in Latin America. The network has a strong business development and support focus which is shown by the number of pan-European campaigns won so far and the many referrals between the partner agencies.

Contact:           Isabelle Stitz, Managing Director, 27&More e.V.

+49 (0)6173-9267-50,


Ruud Bijl, President & Co-Founder, 27&More,

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Founded in 1976, Pinnacle Worldwide, Inc. is an international corporation of independently owned public relations firms with offices in more than 50 major cities around the globe. Its members develop and implement strategic communications plans that influence audiences on both a regional and global scale.

Contact:           Johanna Mouton, Executive Director, Pinnacle Worldwide

+1 952-475-9000;

Donna Vandiver, President, Pinnacle Worldwide; 314-991-4641;


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27&More e.V.

Isabelle Stitz, Managing Director 27&More (HQ)


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Turin, 11th December 2009 – Mailander, the Italian partner of 27&More as well as founding member of the network, has been awarded the Best Event Award 2009 (BEA), in the section Best Cultural Event of the year, thanks to its specialization in institutional communication, local area and cultural marketing at both national and international level.

The BEA, created in 2004 by the magazine, and by the Adc group –, awarded the prize to the local area promotion project “Settimana del Minas Gerais in Piemonte” (Minas Gerais week in Piedmont), the initiative with which the Brazilian state introduced itself to the Italian public in November 2008 that was managed by Mailander, within the collaboration between the Brazilian state and the Piedmont region. The panel, made up of specialized journalists and professionals of the field, ascertained that the event organized by Mailander was “the cultural event having greatest impact, originality and participation as well as being the most spectacular for the innovative communication means”.

As Agency President Monica Mailander affirmed on the occasion of the awarding ceremony “this appreciation is important in many respects. First of all, it has been an extraordinary human experience that has also brought a great challenge: that of accomplishing a cultural transfer – that is far from being immediate – between two extremely different worlds. Challenge that was won thanks also to our ability to manage international projects. Secondly, the prestige of the prize itself, awarded by a panel of high profile experts, certainly values and underlines our 20 year experience in the field of cultural marketing. Thirdly, it highlights our ability to select an innovative and effective communication mix, well suited for valuing and fully communicating such a demanding and complex event. Indeed, the cultural part was absolutely crucial for giving an immediate feel and an understanding of the mineiro system”.

Mailander – that in collaboration with the Piedmont Region has been the organizing contact in Italy for the state of Minas Gerais – handled the entire event’s promotion and communication. It also organized the exhibition Viver Minas and a very intense programme of initiatives – which also included an economic section with B2B meetings and country presentations – that saw the participation of significant figures. For the event 600 entrepreneurs and over 100 journalists were involved; the cultural events were attended by over 1,000 participants and the exhibition had 5,000 visitors.

In a recent post about the Social Media revolution in the always interesting blog by Brian Solis, we are introduced to this concept of “distributed participation”. The post echoes the results of a Forrester Research study about the use of social technologies in 2009. Not surprisingly the growth of usage is not stopping with only 18% of US adults not taking part in the social game.

But the real interest lies in the qualitative conclusion that “now is the time to build social marketing applications and that Interactive marketers should influence social network chatter, master social communication, and develop social assets – even if their customers are older”. That’s distributed participation.

As Solis states, it’s about strategic engagement focused on listening and research. We have to listen to the conversations because they take place even if we don’t listen or take part. “We are either part of or absent from the decision making process”.

In the PR world we have always prouded ourselves for “knowing” the media. We should embrace, engage and take part in the new media because it will empower our services, our capabilities and our results.

27&More Meeting

27&More Meeting

The 27& More network met for the 4th Membership Meeting last week in the beautiful Delvaux premises in Brussels, an original venue arranged by host agency MindShake. The meeting included new member Christian Lenhardt from Menedetter PR in Austria who gave an excellent presentation on CMS II Quality ASsurance Models for PR Agencies. Other items discussed during the two day meeting included cross border campaigns, international agency integration and sharing of best practices.

Thank you all – readers, friends, colleagues and business partners – for a interesseting year.


We will be back next year with more interesting things to tell, share and debate.

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