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In a recent post about the Social Media revolution in the always interesting blog by Brian Solis, we are introduced to this concept of “distributed participation”. The post echoes the results of a Forrester Research study about the use of social technologies in 2009. Not surprisingly the growth of usage is not stopping with only 18% of US adults not taking part in the social game.

But the real interest lies in the qualitative conclusion that “now is the time to build social marketing applications and that Interactive marketers should influence social network chatter, master social communication, and develop social assets – even if their customers are older”. That’s distributed participation.

As Solis states, it’s about strategic engagement focused on listening and research. We have to listen to the conversations because they take place even if we don’t listen or take part. “We are either part of or absent from the decision making process”.

In the PR world we have always prouded ourselves for “knowing” the media. We should embrace, engage and take part in the new media because it will empower our services, our capabilities and our results.

27&More Meeting

27&More Meeting

The 27& More network met for the 4th Membership Meeting last week in the beautiful Delvaux premises in Brussels, an original venue arranged by host agency MindShake. The meeting included new member Christian Lenhardt from Menedetter PR in Austria who gave an excellent presentation on CMS II Quality ASsurance Models for PR Agencies. Other items discussed during the two day meeting included cross border campaigns, international agency integration and sharing of best practices.