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Turin, 11th December 2009 – Mailander, the Italian partner of 27&More as well as founding member of the network, has been awarded the Best Event Award 2009 (BEA), in the section Best Cultural Event of the year, thanks to its specialization in institutional communication, local area and cultural marketing at both national and international level.

The BEA, created in 2004 by the magazine, and by the Adc group –, awarded the prize to the local area promotion project “Settimana del Minas Gerais in Piemonte” (Minas Gerais week in Piedmont), the initiative with which the Brazilian state introduced itself to the Italian public in November 2008 that was managed by Mailander, within the collaboration between the Brazilian state and the Piedmont region. The panel, made up of specialized journalists and professionals of the field, ascertained that the event organized by Mailander was “the cultural event having greatest impact, originality and participation as well as being the most spectacular for the innovative communication means”.

As Agency President Monica Mailander affirmed on the occasion of the awarding ceremony “this appreciation is important in many respects. First of all, it has been an extraordinary human experience that has also brought a great challenge: that of accomplishing a cultural transfer – that is far from being immediate – between two extremely different worlds. Challenge that was won thanks also to our ability to manage international projects. Secondly, the prestige of the prize itself, awarded by a panel of high profile experts, certainly values and underlines our 20 year experience in the field of cultural marketing. Thirdly, it highlights our ability to select an innovative and effective communication mix, well suited for valuing and fully communicating such a demanding and complex event. Indeed, the cultural part was absolutely crucial for giving an immediate feel and an understanding of the mineiro system”.

Mailander – that in collaboration with the Piedmont Region has been the organizing contact in Italy for the state of Minas Gerais – handled the entire event’s promotion and communication. It also organized the exhibition Viver Minas and a very intense programme of initiatives – which also included an economic section with B2B meetings and country presentations – that saw the participation of significant figures. For the event 600 entrepreneurs and over 100 journalists were involved; the cultural events were attended by over 1,000 participants and the exhibition had 5,000 visitors.